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Full Paper Submission Due:
December 10, 2016
Acceptance Notification Date:
Six weeks after submission
Abstract Submission Due:
November 20, 2016
Conference Date:
December 18-21, 2016
Attention for COT 2016 Authors:
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Attention for COT 2016 Authors:
Submission of an article is on the basis that the work is original and has not been published previously in the same or a similar form and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
All authors must be aware of, and have consented to, the submission. Due regard must be paid to ethical considerations and the submission must conform to the journal's policy on plagiarism and publication ethics.
Authors are required to warrant on submission that these requirements have been fulfilled and that the article contains no libelous or unlawful statements.
Publication ethics
Plagiarism is the copying or use of other authors' work without proper acknowledgement or attribution. It is unethical and unacceptable in the context of scientific publication, infringes authors' moral rights and may also be illegal where copyright is infringed.
Authors must ensure that all prior work on which they draw is explicitly acknowledged and that the sources are included in the list of references. This requirement relates to the methods, results and conclusions on which the present work is built, and to the text of the articles in which it has been presented. If passages of text are copied word for word, the source must be given and the text must be placed within quotation marks. If the original text is paraphrased or reproduced with minor alterations, this must be made clear and the source given. It is unacceptable to reproduce extensive passages of text without permission from the author(s) and the copyright holder.
A related unacceptable practice is ‘redundant-publication’, the multiple publication or submission by an author of the same research or the reuse of substantial portions of articles without acknowledgement of prior publication. This includes publication of an article in different languages.
Redundant publication of the same material and plagiarism of others’ work without acknowledgement are serious ethical offences that may leave the author open to sanction.
It is the responsibility of senior authors and the institutions in which they work to ensure that articles appearing under their names conform to these guidelines. It is a condition of submission to the journal that all authors of any article found, following due process, to breach good practice accept responsibility for this breach, which will be subject to sanction at the Publisher's and Editors' absolute discretion. These sanctions may include, inter alia, the retraction of a published article; publication of a note of correction or apology; banning of future submissions by any author for a specified period; and/or notification of the Head of the authors' department or organization.
It is a condition of publication that, on acceptance of the article by the journal editor, copyright must be assigned to the society or professional organization for which publisher publishes the journal.
Changes to authorship
This policy concerns the addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names in the authorship of accepted articles:
Before the article is accepted:
Requests to add or remove an author, to rearrange the list of authors, or change the corresponding author must be sent to AMRA 2016 Organizing Committee. The request must contain i) the reason why the author should be added or removed, the list of authors rearranged, or the corresponding author changed and ii) signed confirmation by e-mail from all authors, including the author being added or removed, confirming that they agree with the change. This policy applies to articles that have been published online via Advance Articles.
After the article is accepted:
Changes to authorship after the accepted article is published in an issue will generally not be made.
Organizing Committee recommends that all authors who are not native English speakers ask a native English speaker or a professional language editing service to review their manuscript before submission. This is not mandatory but will help ensure that reviewers fully understand the academic content of the article.
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