What Is Makoplasty?

This is medical – just so you know. The makoplasty in Mount Pleasant is robotic as well. It is indeed a surgical procedure that has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. What it does is use a unique robotic arm to help relieve pain that has been caused through osteoarthritis. It does this by performing a partial knee replacement. So, it is not necessary to remove the entire knee then and replace it with a prosthetic device.

It is a less invasive and highly successful knee replacement procedure.

It stands to good reason that this robotic procedure leads to far more accurate results that conventional medical treatments would hope to achieve. In the process, 3D computer imaging is being used. It is based on the original CT scan in which case it helps the presiding surgeon determine optimal implant size, position and alignment on behalf of patients on the individual basis. But the robotic arm is the link that is providing visual, auditory and tactile control in order to allow the surgeon to determine the areas of bone that need to be removed.

makoplasty in Mount Pleasant

This further ensures that no bone is unnecessarily removed.

There are naturally benefits for having this procedure done. The partial knee replacement removes only the diseased portion of the knee and leaves both surrounding healthy bone and tissue intact. To be expected, there are faster recovery rates. Post operatively, patients experience more positive results. And needless to say that the results are both accurate and ‘reproducible’. The implant placement is also a lot more precise and patients enjoy both quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays.

The expected blood loss is minimal and scars are hardly noticeable. Patients can resume all their usual activities within just a few weeks.